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Permanent mold casting is an economical method needed in present times for cheaper castings. Because you can mold metal into any shape with this method it has become an accepted method of casting.

In this process metal is utilized as mold in place of sand. The molds are preheated to 200 degree Celsius, prior to pouring metal into cavity. The cavity formats for these molds don’t follow similar rules for shrinking as in sand casting moulds. The reason is that metal molds heat up and expand when the metal is poured; therefore, there is no need for cavity to expand as much as in sand castings. But care must be taken to keep correct thermal balance, by utilizing outside water cooling.

Permanent mold castings though are not as flexible as sand castings but are very economical. More the number of parts lower their cost of production in permanent mold castings.

Normal part sizes are 50 g to 70 kg. Normal materials utilized are small and medium sized components made of aluminium and its alloys.

Low pressure mold casting is another method of permanent mold casting. In this in place of gravity to help metal pour in, a low pressure of upto 1 atmosphere of gas is put on melted metal.


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