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Locomotive Brake components

A braking system is given for railway engine to stop it whenever needed. The braking process has a pair of braking elements fixed to be supported laterally at regular distance on the rail engine for engaging respective rails. Both braking elements have an upper brake block for selectively engaging an upper side and a side brake block for braking inner side of same rail. Actuators are given for making the brake elements of particular rails to have a wedging motion on respective inner sides of rails. This system gives strong braking force by using a simple system.

An Indian company is engaged in producing brake valves for engine’s brake systems. These have panel brake process, automatic brake valves, mechanical drain valves, feed valves reducing valves and check valves. A latest lightweight, compact locomotive brake process feed value C2N has been produced.

Locomotive brake cylinder has been built keeping in mind the space and leverage needs of the engine, these cylinders are different from freight car brake cylinders mainly in less piston distance and the fact that push rod is fixed on piston for correct release of brake shoe from wheel when the brake is released.


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