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Hardware-door handles manufacturers

An Indian company is manufacturing quality door-handles using best machinery and equipment. They use sand casting and their produce is half mechanized and half handcrafted. Aluminium alloy door fittings along with accessories are produced in separate section.

The unit has a solid technical base. It has skilled and super skilled staff and is supervised by expert and well qualified managers. Latest systems of research and development are used to get best from the employees. It has taken the company almost two years to get the best of manpower. Perfection is the motto of the company.

The company uses latest formulas in creating and assembling manufacturing systems. This ensures that the products are of international quality. Their prices are very reasonable, with a regular focus on customer satisfaction and on timely delivery of goods. Their main products are Brass door closers, aluminium fittings for doors and windows. They make Aluminium fittings for glass partitions and portico etc. They have state of art machine shop, grinding facilities, glass patch fittings, cylindrical locks furniture locks and multipurpose locks.


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