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Gravity die casting

When we use this technique the mold is not thrown away after every casting but since it is made of metal like cast iron or steel it is reusable. There are many ways of die casting, but high pressure die casting is most utilized. Low pressure die casting is used for about 20% of production. Rest of the production is being done by gravity die casting process.

A small amount of production is also being done with the help of newly discovered vacuum die casting and squeeze casting system.

Die casting moulds are these days permanent moulds and made of iron or steel. There are three different methods of die casting and these are high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting and gravity die casting.

High pressure die casting is the most used system in this melted aluminium is poured into a high pressure metal mold by hydraulic powered piston. The machinery used in this system is very costly. This system is only economical in very large scale production.

The low pressure die casting is best suited for production of auto wheels.

Gravity die casting is suitable for mass production and fully machined systems.


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