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Die castings in aluminium alloys

Die casting is akin to permanent mold casting the difference being that the metal is injected into the mold due to high pressure of 10-210Mpa (1,450-30,500) psi. The outcome is a product of good dimensional accuracy, better surface finish and as good as 0.2% of casting dimension. There is no need of machining for most parts produced under this process. Die casting may be done by cold chamber or hot chamber process.

In a cold chamber process the melted metal is put into a cold chamber for each system. This is very useful for aluminium and its alloys.

In a hot chamber process the pressure chamber joined to die cavity is permanently below melted metal. In this process the cavity is filled faster than in cold chamber process and leads to better results.

An aluminium alloy die casting system comprises steps for getting a die casting machine with a gate for passing of melted aluminium alloy and injecting it into die’s cavity. By this process you can get weldable material. An auto part produced by this process is dense in structure and weldable. Therefore, these auto parts are made of die-cast products which are produced on a large scale at a very low price.


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