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Aluminium rainwater guttering

The basic function of rainwater collecting gutters is that they should be able to handle flow of water. Though it is normal system to have gutters at a slant so that water does not collect, but the way masons work, slant actually means flat. In a flat gutter the water will flow towards outlet because of pressure of water coming in from inlet.

Defective rainwater gutter and pipe system leads to many wet spots in building structure. The gutter and drainwater pipes are installed to carry rainwater away from building but if they are ill maintained the water will not go away but collect there damaging your walls and paints and causing growth of wild grass and plants. It is necessary to have drainwater pipes and gutter in good condition.

The appropriate time to do maintenance work on storm pipes and drains is in autumn when rains are over. Often you are aware of these troubles only when it is raining. So keep a watchful eye during rains and mark the places where water pipes are leaking to get them repaired and later.

Don’t try to climb ladders and repair storm water pipes and drains yourself as this is a job of professional let him do it. You don’t have to be “penny wise and pound foolish”. So let the plumber do it.


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