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Aluminium die casting

Aluminium is one of those metals which you can cast with all the systems utilized in casting of metals. These systems are die casting, permanent mould casting, sand casting (green sand and dry sand) plaster casting etc.

Alloys of aluminium are utilized in die castings more than alloys of any other metal. In USA alone about 2.5 billion dollars worth aluminium alloy die castings are manufactured every year. The die casting process alone uses almost double the amount of aluminium alloys compared to all other casting system, use it as a whole. Die casting is very suitable for manufacture of small parts in huge numbers. Aluminium casting normally weighs around 5 kg., but where high costing machines and processes are used the weight of casting is upto 50 kg. Some of the things manufactured are lawnmower, typewriter frames, dental equipment, Escalator parts, conveyor components, air craft parts. All these things are produced with aluminium alloys by die casting process.

Aluminium alloy die castings are generally not given heat treatment, therefore you cannot weld them. Roughly 85% of aluminium alloy die castings are manufactured in aluminium silicon copper alloys. This family of alloys gives a good mixture cast, strength and corrosion resistant


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