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Aluminium die cast components

Aluminium is the most preferred metal for manufacture of light weight auto parts, airplane parts and in transport sector. Casting of aluminium alloys into various metal moulds utilizing systems like gravity, low pressure and high pressure die casting is an economical method of manufacturing different shapes which need nominal machining.

Australia’s auto industry uses a big aluminium die casting machinery for making components such as cylinder heads, inlet manifold and cylinder pistons.

Growing demand in world auto market for aluminium die cast parts is building a great demand for Australian aluminium die cast industry which is planning to supply the world market. Through partnerships among Nissan, Ford and Cast have developed latest and new methods for the benefits to all parties. An example shown is CASTcoat™ a project that had started as research by post graduate students at CSIRO and the University of Queensland. It was expended more under CAST project funding at CSIRO with auto trials at American auto giants. Now it has become patented equipment.


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