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Aluminium castings
By using aluminium casting to replace iron casting the weight of the component is reduced upto 50%. The auto manufactures are investigating as to which parts of cast iron they could replace with aluminium parts. The 356-T6 is an alloy of low cost which is being utilized in aerospace industry.
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Permanent Mold castings
Permanent mold castings are the need of hour because of their cost effectiveness. Since you can cast it into any shape it has become first choice for parts being made with sand castings.
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Gravity die casting
When we use this technique the mold is not thrown away after every casting but since it is made of metal like cast iron or steel it is reusable. There are many ways of die casting, but high pressure die casting is most utilized. Low pressure die casting is used for about 20% of production. Rest of the production is being done by gravity die casting process.
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Aluminium die casting
Aluminium is one of those metals which you can cast with all the systems utilized in casting of metals. These systems are die casting, permanent mould casting, sand casting (green sand and dry sand) plaster casting etc.
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Aluminium die cast components
Aluminium is the most preferred metal for manufacture of light weight auto parts, airplane parts and in transport sector. Casting of aluminium alloys into various metal moulds utilizing systems like gravity, low pressure and high pressure die casting is an economical method of manufacturing different shapes which need nominal machining.
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Permanent mold casting Exporter
Permanent mold casting is an economical method needed in present times for cheaper castings. Because you can mold metal into any shape with this method it has become an accepted method of casting.
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Die casting Manufacturer in India
Armed with solid know-how of foundry equipment Indian factories have been giving Heat and corrosion resistant cast iron and steel castings, alloy castings. Having state of art infrastructure and managed by experienced managers, they are producing goods in sync with technology that makes sure of best output and minimum cost.
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Die castings in aluminium alloys
Die casting is akin to permanent mold casting the difference being that the metal is injected into the mold due to high pressure of 10-210Mpa (1,450-30,500) psi. The outcome is a product of good dimensional accuracy, better surface finish and as good as 0.2% of casting dimension. There is no need of machining for most parts produced under this process. Die casting may be done by cold chamber or hot chamber process.
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Aluminium rain water guttering
The basic function of rainwater collecting gutters is that they should be able to handle flow of water. Though it is normal system to have gutters at a slant so that water does not collect, but the way masons work, slant actually means flat. In a flat gutter the water will flow towards outlet because of pressure of water coming in from inlet.
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Locomotive Brake components
A braking system is given for railway engine to stop it whenever needed. The braking process has a pair of braking elements fixed to be supported laterally at regular distance on the rail engine for engaging respective rails. Both braking elements have an upper brake block for selectively engaging an upper side and a side brake block for braking inner side of same rail. Actuators are given for making the brake elements of particular rails to have a wedging motion on respective inner sides of rails. This system gives strong braking force by using a simple system.
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Hardware-door handles manufacturers
An Indian company is manufacturing quality door-handles using best machinery and equipment. They use sand casting and their produce is half mechanized and half handcrafted. Aluminium alloy door fittings along with accessories are produced in separate section.
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Switchgear castings Manufacturer
This company is established at Jalandhar, Punjab (India). They are main producers and suppliers of switchgears. This company has left behind many of its competitors to win trust of its clients.
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Shock absorber-for motocycles
The shock absorbers are fitted on the front and rear wheel of the motorcycle to cushion the effects of shocks and jerks which the vehicle normally gets when you are riding it. These are installed to make your ride comfortable and prevent the chassis of motorcycle from breaking up due to shocks.
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